My Review of my MyPhone a888 Duo

Finally! I got a MyPhone a888 already. After experiencing the MyPhone MyPad 2, I swore to get myself a MyPhone smartphone. I was planning to get the A919 but decided to get the A888 at the last minute. A919 is just too big for a phone, it doesn't fit in my pocket. (they call it a phablet = phone+tablet). I already have a tablet, so I don't really need that. A919 has only a VGA front camera while A888 has 1.3 mp. And at that time on the store, the A919 black is not available and the white doesn't appeal my taste. Pretty much, those are the only things I considered.

These are the specs of A888 from their website

Tri-band, EDGE, 3G Connection, HSUPA
Dual core 1GHz processor
Android 4.0.4 OS
4.5” IPS capacitive screen
1.3MP Front Camera
8 megapixel rear camera with dual LED flash
GPS, WiFi Connection
Motion Sensor
FM/MP3/MP4 Player
Dual Mic Noise Reduction
Proximity and Light Sensor
32GB microSD Slot,
HD 720p Video Recording
Turn to mute function
Bluetooth 4.0
micro USB
3.5mm Audio Jack
Pinoy Phone App

Unboxing MyPhone A888 (beware: quality of some images are poor.)

MyPhone A888 with my MyPAD 2

it looks good

default apps installed on MyPhone A888 (screenshot UX trial is not included btw)

some few issues (click the picture to see the detail)

display is amazing
Benchmark Test using Antutu and Quadrant

MyPhone A888 Pros and Cons (after 3 days of exploring this phone)
Don't worry, I will try not to list the features that is already on the specs mentioned above :)
My cons might be pros for other people or the other way around. So this is just MY pros and cons. Let's be clear about that.

1. the specs mentioned above are real!
2. Really cheap - bought it at 7499 pesos
3. vibrant and crisp colors on screen (display)
4. the overall shape and the screen are not cheap-looking
5. battery charges fast  - about 3 hours

1. No microsd card with the package
1. Battery last only for 5 hours after first full charging (activities: exploring the phone, made some few calls, games, internet surfing  )
2. Too light - almost the same weight with my Samsung Galaxy Y.
3.  when I tilt it, I can almost see the light source from the inside (see third image from top)
4. Touchscreen doesn't not function 100% when charging
5. back cover is not fingerprint resistant - it's like..the cover was put there to get the slightest detail of your fingerprint.
5. rear camera is protruding much  (see third image from top)

For now, those are the only things I have experience with A888. I will update every now and then if something comes up.

All in all, I am happy with MyPhone A888. I am satisfied with its performance and with its somewhat sophisticated look. I'm just loving this phone right now. That's why I am not considering buying a new phone this year.


Anonymous said...

Is it possible for mp a888 to use usb otg?

Anonymous said...

Alam mo ba kung pano mag screenshot ?

alleyflo said...

"Is it possible for mp a888 to use usb otg?"

I've tried but it didn't work

alleyflo said...

"Alam mo ba kung pano mag screenshot ?"

Press/Hold power and volume down buttons simultaneously

cyberjock said...

alleyflo... thanks for the screenshot tip (just got my a888 duo a few hours ago) :)

Unknown said...

hello how did you manage to make the app drawer transparent??

alleyflo said...

hello how did you manage to make the app drawer transparent??

Actually you can't do that on your default launcher. You can install a different launcher, some of those launchers have that feature. I'm using Apex Launcher.

Anonymous said...

Alam niyo ba kung pano gawing default storage ang SD card? Ive been trying to locate it kahapon pa since kabibili ko lang kahapon, lahat ng mga new installed apps ko either sa phone storage nase-save or sa internal storage. Hindi ko maisave sa SSDD card. Im afraid i might ran out of storage sa phone. Please help me. And btw, ganun ba talaga kabilis mag lowbatt ng myphone almost 2 hours ko pa lang nagagamit ung phone today after it has been fully charged, ngaun 48% na lang ang battery. :( please help me. Baka my factory defecr na pala phone ko.

alleyflo said...

You can install app2sd - "tool for moving apps installed on phone storage to SD card"
About the battery, yes it drains fast if there are lots of apps running on the background and if you are using wifi/data/internet. this is normal for most android phones. There are apps in google play that can help you manage your battery life. Right now, I am using ZDBOX. It's like an all in one tool: app2sd, battery manager, task killer, applock..etc. It's good. You should try it.

Anonymous said...

dre meron rin ako nyan a888 maganda rin ska matulin kso may fps problems when tryng to play order and chaos . ska one more thing , ung main screen kung mapapansin mo 4.3" lng ung frame lng ung 4.5" kaya may black marks sa gilid halata prang ndi lapat. pero overall perfirmance smooth , heavy games lanv may issue

jayanne 12 said...

ask ko po,,marami kasing nagsasabing madaling malowbat,,ano po kaya pwdeng samsung battery jan???
bibili kasi ako ng battery na galing samsung,,mas matagal po kasi malowbat,ano po kaya pwde..

Versan Paz said...

Hi. Just wanna some details. mabilis ba talagang ma-lowbat? pag ginamit pang call/text mga gano katagal ung ilalast niya? Thanks

Anonymous said...

Mine lasted a day, i reduced the brightness to the very least that i can see everything, i reduced the sleep into 15 seconds of inactivity, i shut it down everytime i dont use it, i turned off the wifi, bluetooth when not in use... you should turn off the wifi especially when you are not using it coz it drains too much battery... if you are a really heavy user i suggest that you should buy a battery with a huge mAh... coz myphone a888 is only 1800 mAh..

Anonymous said...

i just bought a new one i cant connect with the internet using data connection bakit po kaya??

felmar joson said...

hello po ? bket po nd ku mgmit ung sd card storage sa myphone a888 duo puro ung internal at phone storage p 2lung naman po

Ethan Madison said...

i have A888 for a few months now & am sad to say this is the worst smartphone I've ever owned. Things started falling apart after 4 weeks of use. Been back to the Myphone SM San Lazaro store several times na to have my problems solve pero one thing gets fixed, another problem props up. Too many bugs with this phone, kahit sabihin pang price is cheap, I guess you get what you pay for. Gusto ko tlagang magustuhan this phone coz gusto kong suportahan Pinas product pero this phone really is a big disappointment. Went to SM again to have another problem checked, store didn't open til almost 11am. Not only that, their service department is not open today, TUESDAY. Will never buy another myphone, it sucks. save yourself the trouble, get something else.

Anonymous said...

Please help, hindi gumana ang letter P ko, kelangan pang e landscape para gumana. May settings po ba ito? Please help. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

ung ZDBOX po bkit ayw nman gumagana tlga nung app to sd hnd tlga n mmove my nkalagay nga sd card n title but when i check it and ngtry ako mgmove ng apps nlipat lng s phone storage pgtinignan ko s setting hndi prin sya n mmove s sd bket po gnun phelp nman po pls :'( im running out of space n :((

Kim Diaz said...

bakit hindi gumana pag mag tap ako ? ilang beses ko nang nag shutdown.. di tuloy ko nang magamit.. pano po ba ito ?

Anonymous said...

Hi. Yung speaker niya ba talaga is hindi clear kapag naka Loudspeaker. Or nasa Music siya kapag I-play ng w/o earphones? :) Thanks

Anonymous said...

on most smartphones hindi talaga mamomove ang mga nakainstall na apps sa internal storage papunta sa memory card.kailangan mo muna maroot yan na smartphone mo.

Anonymous said...

Hi there i just want to ask about the message setting of my phone a888 duo i want it customize how can i do that without installing message apps.thanks so much.

Anonymous said...

hello, ask ko lang kng pno mgforward ng message, d cya included don s options kng san ung delete button, tnx

Anonymous said...

hello, can anyone help me?i have myphone a888 duo and i have an issue regading the RAM.. sobrang loading siya.. ichineck ko ang running apps 0.00B ang free. hindi naman ako gumamit ng mga applications na mabigat..go sms pro lang naman..please help me..thanks!

Anonymous said...

ask ko lang po pano imanagr ang storage space running out ? wala naman halos laman ang phone ko . pero meron nagnonoti. na ganun ?

blessie correa said...

Normal po ba sa myphone A888 music player to crash while playing music?

Anonymous said...

.Hi uhhm.. Ask ko lang.. normal ba talaga na magloko ang Touchscreen pag naka charge? or naka USB connect? example.. I tap letter "U" and ang labas eh letter "S" and "L" at kung ano-ano na apps napipindot pag naka charge at nag glide down ako para sa notification Bar... uhhm. HELP PLEASE.

Angelica Roca said...

Hello po. Ask ko lang kung bakit ayaw gumana ng playstore ng a888 duo ko? Ang nakalagay lang "Server Error" o kaya naman "Connection Time Out". Kahit may wifi naman. Sabi naman nila need ko daw iupdate yung play store or yung android ata. paano po ba yun,eh walang Software Update na nakalagay sa About Phone. Home>Settings>About Phone>Software Update. Pahelp naman po.Thanks!

elvin quintana said...

Pano gawin jelly bean ung mpa888 duo ko.ics parin po kac sya di q alam kung panu i upgrade. Plz help po.. tnx.

Anonymous said...

app2sd doesn't work on doesn't have an option to move to sd card..anu kya un??..kaya tuloy useless ang sd card mo even if you have a 16GB sd..

Anonymous said...

Paano po magdelete ng contact number sa phone?

Anonymous said...

hello po.knina pa aq nghahanap ng blog kng papano ma minimize ang camera settings ko mine is a919i. anyone pls?

Anonymous said...

i also have myphone a888. it was okay for the first 3 months but it's performance declined steeply after that. it refused to open some common apps I downloaded from Google Play. I tried rebooting it but it still can't open those apps I used to have before. I was extremely dissappointed coz it was performing well. Almost a year has passed since I bought this phone. Battery life only lasts 3 hours under extreme use (wifi, apps, games). If I use it as an ebook reader it lasts almost 8 hours tops. I can't use it much while travelling too, even playing music quickly drains the battery. Maybe I was expecting too much from a cheap phone. Well for me it was still costly (6k+). >_<

Anonymous said...

also whenever I full-charge this phone when powered off, whenever I turn it on, the battery, frustratingly, drops from 100% to 85%...and when I use it to surf or fb for a while say 30 drops to 70%... T_T

Anonymous said...

Paano po un pag ung back at home button tyaka ung isa pa ayaw mapindot. Minsan okay minsan hindi.

Anonymous said...

Paanu po ba e change ung storage location kasi sa sa ohone ko kahit may sd card na wla paring option like "transfer to sd card" kahit yong app ay transferrable or movable to sd cArd

Ryghel Arago said...

User din ako ng a888, hindi totoong 1gb ang ram nya, 512 lang sya kaya pag may running apps, ubos agad.memory ng ram at hang agad ang cp.. sana atleast 1gb ram pra hindi maghang ang cp.. tapos pag magtatype ako bgla nlng nawawala ang keyboard.. nmagkano na kaya bentahan nito ngaun? Gusto ko na ibenta eh

Anonymous said...

"Hi uhhm.. Ask ko lang.. normal ba talaga na magloko ang Touchscreen pag naka charge? or naka USB connect? example.. I tap letter "U" and ang labas eh letter "S" and "L" at kung ano-ano na apps napipindot pag naka charge at nag glide down ako para sa notification Bar... uhhm. HELP PLEASE."

---Normal lang yan lalo na pag di compatible yung gamit mong USB cable o kaya yung OS ng laptop/computer mo.

usually pag windows 8 pataas ung OS ng PC/Laptop mo nag gaganyan tlaga sya pero pag windows 7-XP okay sya.

pag OS mo naman is w7 pababa try mo gumamit ng ibang USB connector.

Michie Antiporta said...

May alam ba kayong compatible na jelly o flip case cover ng ibang phone para sa A888 duo? Nagsasawa na kasi ako sa binebenta sa myphone stalls na plain leather casing eh

Anonymous said...

daming reklamo ng a888 duo users, yung akin nga LUMUTANG SA TUBIG last year pa yon edi ngayon nganga ako. try ko paayos sana ma fix

Anonymous said...

ano bang kailangang kong gawin hindi kasi gumana ang menu,back bar ng phone ko.please help me.

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